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A message from our CEO, Stephen R Smith

The LWN Live with Nature Foundation Inc., is a Florida not-for-profit corporation that was created to educate, inspire, and motivate individuals to practice healthy lifestyle habits. Creating these habits evolved through my morning routines. I get up early and always say a prayer of gratitude and thank God for being alive another day. Then, I ask for the ability to continue achieving my purpose of serving others in a positive fashion. Next in my morning routine is to study motivational, inspirational and spiritual videos which sets the stage and mindset for my day. Next, I prepare for my Sunrise Daybreakers broadcast where I will share my thoughts for that themed day.


This broadcast is a structured, weekly program which consists of: Meditation Monday; Empowerment Tuesday; Health and Wellness Wednesday; Thankful Thursday and Love Friday. Each episode has a specific topic, a meditation segment, interaction with the viewers and their comments and ends with a prayer. All of this is filmed during the Sunrise. We welcome in a new day; connect to Nature; Source, and the Oneness of our Community and the World at large. Currently, I have a regular day job. However, soon I hope to focus my attention on a full-time basis to my powerful and life-changing Empowerment and Transformational Change platform. READ MORE


Several years ago, I joined a private Facebook group. The Admin presented a Question of the Day. The members and myself included, would contemplate the question and respond to it in live video format. You would share your thoughts on that question. This exercise evolved into doing consistent, live sunrise broadcasts on my personal Facebook page(stephensmithsrq). I would film the sun coming up and talk about whatever came to mind. Sometimes my content was based on the question of the day that I had addressed in the group the day before.

One day I was approached by a successful Author and asked to write a chapter in a book called Transformational Change. It’s the 11th book in a series: A Journey of Riches. Thrilled about this opportunity I accepted the offer. Very quickly realized that my story about my dark days and the adversity I had faced, could help people when I shared my story. I became transparent about my past experiences.

For many years, in fact, decades, I felt that my life story was something I should tell others about. I had no idea of the depth of what that dream consisted of, or even how to go about doing it. What transformed from that intention was a higher level of conscious awareness.

After taking a stroll down memory lane and feeling the pain again, how I had hurt my family and friends, I became aware of the healing factor Nature had played in my personal development. Haven taken many steps forward, I completely turned my life and my will over to my higher power, whom I call God. The dream of sharing my story of transitional change manifested and I began to make a positive impact in the lives of others, as well as myself.

Besides my amazement and joy this book became a number 1 best seller in 7 countries. I had a dream and took action to make it happen. I visualized that goal already achieved and it manifested in my life . Today, I offer a comprehensive resource platform and I’m constantly striving to improve upon it as we move forward.


Our team is laser-focused on Health and Wellness. With 20/20 vision we look forward to consistently improving the quality of life for ourselves and others. We have made Suicide Awareness our special project as we navigate the new decade ahead of us. The LWN foundation provides information through our Blogs, Videos and Resource directories. There are jobs through a network of nature-loving reporters from across the globe. We contribute to our communities and have become valuable assets to society and are Local Guides on behalf of Google Maps and are not compensated for our contributions. Currently, as I write this blog I have over 6.5M views of my photos and over 125K views of the reviews I’ve done.

Our dynamic team, including myself, have overcome our demons, and the self-limiting beliefs that used to hold us back in the past. Most importantly, we have broken through barriers and overcome obstacles to prove that there is hope when life seems hopeless. Therefore, with humility and gratitude we donate a portion of our net proceeds to other worthy foundations, because they help people who suffer from addiction, homelessness and mental health issues. This includes depression, anxiety and a desire to hurt oneself or others. We help people who have asked for help, guidance and a hand up. They didn’t do this for their parents, a partner, a brother, sister or their children, they did it for themselves.


The LWN Foundation is here to help those who want to help themselves. Together, through your generous donations, we can change lives for the better. We are the Light in the Darkness and a Resource for Transformational change.

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