Vision & Mission


Our purpose is to serve others and our communities. We share a connection to Nature and Source using technology and various social media and web-based platforms while sharing our experiences and strengths in the hope of shining a light in dark places to enact a catalyst for transformational change in a positive manner.

We share our story and vision in a transparent fashion in a loving, understanding and compassionate manner and our primary goal is to inspire people to overcome obstacles and breakthrough barriers that were holding them back from enjoying life to the fullest and living life with purpose, gratitude and in the present moment.


To empower the Universal Collective of Humanity to make a connection to original Source and Nature while enjoying the Oneness of quality content from contributors from around the World.

We have Nature Advocates reporting from all over the globe sharing their journey, their personal stories, nature photographs and videos. We do Get to Know interviews with Owners and Spokespersons of interesting places, people, attractions and businesses. We provide opportunities for feature articles for our blog, magazine and broadcasts. We also do reviews as a Local Guide for Google Maps to provide honest opinions and photographs about the experience we had. This enhances the Reporter’s life, their community and the experience of others in a positive and inspiring fashion. Our community is comprised of like-minded individuals of all Nationalities, Race, Color, and Creed who choose to shine the Light of a genuine love of life, connection and support for each other without prejudice.

We Pay it Forward without expectation of personal gain and donate proceeds of the company to worthy nonprofit foundations.