The Power of Positive Affirmations

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Do you know the power of positive affirmations? Do you say positive things to yourself? Maybe it’s the opposite. Do you make statements yourself or others like I am stupid, I always make mistakes, I hate myself and I’ll never be successful? Have you ever heard the saying; I am what I think I am? Well, that the truth. If you say negative things to yourself or about the situations you experience what you’re doing is affirming these statements as your truth. However, when you say positive things to yourself, the result will be positive outcomes.


For many years, decades in fact, I repeated a lot of unhealthy thoughts and made choices that created pain and suffering for myself and others. I simply did not like myself. In fact, I wished for death and lived in misery. I also created misery and suffering for my family and friends. As a result of this negative thinking, my life was unhappy. I literally came close to death on several occasions.

The following are the things that I’ve done to overcome self-destructive and limiting thinking. I broke through the barriers created by negative thinking. The first thing was to turn my life and my will over to the care of my Higher Power whom I call God. Through his grace I am alive today. I forgave myself for my mistakes and I adopted healthy routines.

The first thing I do every morning is to start with a prayer of gratitude. The second thing I do is listen to inspiring or spiritual videos. Exercising by riding a bicycle helped me get into better physical shape. A good diet and eating healthier foods made me feel better. Positive affirmations became a daily routine. Because of these actions and repeating positive affirmations daily, my life has become much happier and fulfilling. Now, I love my life and the results are a healthier mind, body and spirit. Third is to get out into nature. By connecting to nature and source it helps to keep me centered. Lastly, I have set the stage for a productive and happy day. My life is good and yours can be too.


Start by getting comfortable and taking a few deep cleansing breathes in preparation for meditation. Do this at least three or 4 times before you start saying the following affirmations to yourself. Take deep breaths in through your nose and out through your mouth. Take notice of your breathing as the air passes through your nose and into the lungs. Feel your lungs fill with oxygen and your stomach contract. When you exhale release the negativity and feel your belly expand. This will help you to relax and get in touch with your inner self and your breathing pattern. It releases the neuro chemicals in your brain. The oxytocin, dopamine and serotonin and stimulates the pleasure center of your brain. Therefore, when you visualize these affirmations as already true and having manifested in your life when by saying them, even if it’s not the truth yet.

As a side note, I suggest that you keep a journal and write down on paper how you feel before you say these affirmations. Then, after you have said them write about how your feeling now. Consistency is key. I want you to do this for at least 21 days consecutively. Now, journal and how you feel that your life and thinking has changed. What takes place is what I refer to as the Law of Attraction. What you think is what you get. Now, be patient as it can take longer than 21 days to release negative thinking and replace it with a positive thought process. Be diligent. It works for me and if are consistent, and diligent it will work for you.


The following is an outline of structured, positive affirmations for loving yourself. By repeating these daily your life can change for the better. Science has confirmed that that when you say these first thing in the morning or just before you go to bed it will make a bigger impact in the subconscious mind. Your mind is more receptive at these times.

I Am Blessed with this Life

I Am Connected to My Whole Self

I Am in Harmony with My Entire Being

I Am Unique

I Am an Incredible Being

I Am A Beautiful Soul

I Am Free to Express the Truth in Me

I Am Centered in My Truth

I Am Powerful

I Am the Creator of My Reality

I Am an Excellent Friend to Myself

I Am Beautiful Inside and Out

I Am Extraordinary

I Am Exceptional

I Am Embracing All that I Am

I Am Saying Kind Things to Myself

I Am Blessed

I Am Joy

I Am Life

I Am Free

I Am Open-Hearted

I Am Peace

I Am Love

I Am Trusting Life

I Am Living a Meaningful Life

I Am Loving the Journey of Life

I Am Learning from Internal Wisdom

I Am Evolving and Improving

I Am Listening to the Voice Within

I Am Getting Better Every Day

I Am Exuding the Light that I Shine

I Am in the Flow of Loving Myself

I Am Carving Reality with My Thoughts and Actions

I Am Living My Purpose

I Am Strong Enough to Be All that I Can Be

I Am Deserving of the Best

I Am Accepting that I Create My Reality

I Am Confident in Myself

I Am Loving My Uniqueness

I Am Talented

I Am Skilled

I Am Growing

I Am a Vessel of Potentiality

I Am Worthy of All My Dreams

I Am Capable of Achieving All My Goals

I Am Courageous

I Am Magnificent

I Am Aligned in My Words, My Beliefs and My Actions

I Am Integrity

I Am Aware of all That I Am and All that I Can Be

I Am Felt in the Universe

I Am Open to Life’s Care of Me

I Am Loved

I Am Counting My Blessings

I Am Grateful

I Am Sending Out the Best Expectations

I Am Expressing My Words

I Am Communicating My Needs

I Am in Flow of Positivity

I Am Always Ready to Accept the Best

I Am Loving My Life

I Am Moving in Harmony with the Rhythm of Life

I Am Thankful

I Am Achieving Greatness

I Am Giving and Receiving Love

I Am an Inspiration to Others

I Am Proud of Myself and for Others

I Am Committed to be the Best I Can Be

I Am Always Living in Inspiration

I Am Always Improving

I Am Nourishing Thoughts of Growth

I Am Free of False Limitations

I Am Focused only on Progress

I Am Intelligent

I Am Exceptional in My Strengths

I Am Making Good Decisions

I Am Discerning

I Am Knowledgeable

I Am Wise

I Am Making the Most of Every Hour of My Day

I Am Focused

I Am a Student of Life

I Am Motivated

I Am Disciplined

I Am Patient

I Am Challenging the Status Quo

I Am Demanding the Best from Myself

I Am Patient in My Evolution

I Am Healthy at All Levels

I Am Strong in Body

I Am Kean in Mind

I Am Balanced in Mind, Body and Soul

I Am Nourishing My Body as the Vessel of My Soul

I Am Feeding My Mind the Best Education

I Am Healthy at Nurturing My Garden of Thoughts

I Am Healthy

I Am Energized

I Am Relaxed

I Am Inspired

I Am Acting on Inspiration

I Am Endlessly Passionate about Life

I Am Expressing the Joy of Life

I Am Connecting to My Intuition

I Am Engaged with My Guidance

I Am Manifesting Ways of Moving Forward

I Am Taking Control of the Direction of Life

I Am Clear with My Intentions

I Am Decisive in All My Actions

I Am Making the Most of All Opportunities

I Am Responsible for All My Creations

I Am Connected to All as They are Connected to Me

I Am Ubuntu

I Am Emanating the Highest Vibrations

I Am Synchronicity

I Am in Rhythm with Life

I Am in the Flow of Source Energy

I Am the Light

I Am Materializing My Beliefs

I Am Persistent

I Am Determined to Make the Most of My Life

I Am Patient

I Am Bold

I Am Brave

I AM Gratitude

I Am a Part of the Worlds Wisdom

I Am Walking Towards My Hopes

I Am Making My Dreams A Reality

I Am Manifesting A Better Day – Every Day

I Am on the Way to Being My Best Self

I Am Evolving into the Greater Being that I Am Meant to Be

I Am a Limitless Mind

I Am the Universe Itself

I AM that all that IS

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