The LWN Foundation

The Early Days

You might ask yourself, how was The LWN Live with Nature Foundation created? It all started back in 2011 when I created a Facebook account and entered the cyber-world in a new and exciting way. The goal was to connect with my family and friends. Most important, I desired to get to know my cousins whom I barely even knew. Several of them I hadn’t even met. I found that Facebook appeared to be a viable medium where I could reach out and touch them. I wanted to find out what was going on in their life and share what was happening with me. For many years, I didn’t utilize the Facebook platform and then about 3 years ago or so I said to some close friends that I was going to go public. At that time, I had no idea of the depth of that statement.

At first, my thinking revolved around taking our family business here in Sarasota, Florida to the next level. I wanted to do commercials on TV and have the company become known as the go-to source for the bathtub refinishing in the re-glazing industry. Consequently, I actively started friending people related to our industry, looking at their pages, creating posts, sending messages to my family, my friends and relatives, while promoting our refinishing business. Using this platform in a proactive fashion was helpful in achieving all of my social media goals at that time. As a fan of reality TV, it resulted in creating a Twitter account. This gave me a way to get breaking news and see what my favorite actors were up to. I also followed the most influential I could think of and shared their posts. The endeavor evolved.

What’s next?

So, I did research to determine who were the Top Influencers and Thought Leaders of our time, and I followed them. Now, I was on a journey of self-improvement, I would learn from them how to become a top influencer myself. I desired to be an asset to my community and become a Thought Leader. Having made a conscious decision to pay it forward, I wanted to tell others about my experiences. I wanted to share how I had failed, how I got back up and what tools I used to overcome the obstacles and barriers I had created.

The Light versus Darkness

The fact is that there is light in the darkness from the painful experiences I’d had in the past, and that we all have seeds of greatness within us. However, it’s up to the individual to water those seeds, to nurture them and prune away the negative and self-limiting beliefs. Then, we can grow into mature beings that bear fruit of an abundant harvest.

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