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Stephen R. Smith is a man who has gone to hell and come back from the depths of darkness to a place filled with Light, Love of God, himself and others.


Over the years he has made many good decisions, but also poor decisions that cost him everything. He lost businesses, good family and friend relationships and everything else in between. Stephen has also survived a few near-fatal car accidents, deadly diseases and addiction to drugs and alcohol. Having for the most part lived an abundant and blessed life, he found himself fresh out of jail, homeless living in the woods. It seemed that all he had left was himself.


Today, he has earned back most of what he lost. He’s a real survivor. God-fearing, honest and a caring and compassionate person, he strives to serve others. His philosophy is to give back freely by paying it forward with no expectation of reimbursement. Daily, he strives to become a better person. Therefore, he’s made a transitional change which resulted in a lust for life and is a role model for others.

About 2 years ago Stephen, started broadcasting live videos on Facebook. He titled them the Live with Nature Sunrise Edition and stated that he was bringing a connection to Nature. This was an opportunity to listen to birds singing and watch the Sunrise. He welcomes in a new day with positivity and gratitude. These broadcasts evolved into his vision for a nonprofit enterprise that offers healing through a connection to Nature, Source and Community.

It begins with an introduction that speaks to a specific topic which include gratitude, positivity and empowerment. He also has a meditation segment and a prayer for himself and his viewers. He loves to acknowledge his viewers by name and interact with their comments as well. It revolves around his routines which provide a positive and empowering way to start one’s day. He has over 200 videos on YouTube and is motivated to get the message of hope out to the world.


His WHY is to serve others by sharing his personal story and claims that his purpose has come from his adverse and painful experiences from his past. The one word that defines his purpose is Empowerment. Stephen wants to inspire people to count their blessings and pay it forward. He realized that when you eliminate limiting beliefs and replace them I am, I can and so it is statements, anything is possible. He lives each day like it’s his last knowing that he cannot change the past but needs to live in a conscious awareness of the present moment.


As an Internationally recognized best-selling Author, Broadcaster, Nature Advocate, Award-winning Motivational and Transformational Change Empowerment Speaker, he states that he is a bright light in dark places!

You can follow him on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube @stephensmithsrq. If you are interested in having him speak to your group, have comments or inquiries please email him at

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