Stephen Smith


About 2 years ago Stephen Smith our founder started broadcasting live videos on Facebook. He titled them the Live with Nature Sunrise Edition. The broadcasts mention that he is bringing a connection to the healing power of getting out into Nature.

This broadcast’s offer the viewers an opportunity to listen to birds singing and watch the Sunrise. It’s about welcoming in a brand new day with positive thinking and gratitude. This has evolved into his vision for a nonprofit organization that offers the connection to Nature, Source and Community. He also plans to open Empowerment centers throughout the world.

It begins with an introduction that speaks to a specific topic. It includes gratitude, positive thinking strategies, empowerment of oneself, a meditation segment and a prayer for himself and his viewers. He loves to acknowledge his live viewers by name and interacting with their comments. He has over 200 videos on YouTube and is motivated to spread the message of hope. Stephen shines a bright light in the darkness out into the world.