Hope Rises From the Phoenix of Ashes


What is Hope?

Hope rises from the Phoenix of the ashes of broken dreams. It is from our darkest, most painful moments that can empower us to have our highest moments and the best quality of life possible. I have fallen before, and now I rise from the ashes of my past to a higher level of conscious awareness of my strength from those experiences. I am built to serve others and share my story to #inspirepeople who #inspireothers to #overcomeobstacles and #breakthroughbarriers.

From Dreamer to Dream Maker

I was told as a child by many people that I was a follower and not a leader, a dreamer and not realistic. My awareness today tells me that I had adopted those thoughts as the rule. It became part of my belief system, better known as my moral standards. I committed myself to falling into line and living my life based on people’s opinion of me. Today, I am a leader. I live my purpose of serving others and tell my own story. I don’t allow others to tell my story for me. I am a dreamer and that is acceptable. To achieve my dreams and goals it takes a lot of work, consistency, determination, dedication and visualization of my goals already achieved. It all starts with a thought, and then it takes an action plan. I embrace my being, my purpose and passionately do my best to honor God in everything.

Life Begins When You Start Living

That is the title of my upcoming book and my private Facebook group. I have risen like a Phoenix from the Ashes to find my Higher Self. I have fallen and drawn strength from those moments to have Hope and Faith in myself, and God. Daily, I to continue to achieve my dreams through a routine of getting up early, listening to positive videos, repeating my affirmations then broadcasting my message through a live-streaming podcast. I’ve created a not-for-profit corporation, The LWN Live with Nature Foundation Incorporated. It’s a comprehensive resource platform of information to improve your well being, a connection to Nature, Source and community. It offers healing through nature, jobs, and the profits of the corporation are used through Philanthropy to help disadvantaged individuals who desire to improve their quality of life.

For many years I never dreamed I would get to this point in my life. I didn’t envision what I am doing now until a few years ago. I’m here to tell you that all great things start with a dream. I encourage you to dream, and I want you to dream big. Please, don’t ever stop dreaming. It may seem that we are in the hardest of times and there is no hope for a bright future. We may feel unworthy, not smart enough or qualified to achieve our dreams and goals or worse, we may not have enough self-love to have faith that the Universe can provide an answer to our prayers of achieving a better life for ourselves or others.

I am living proof that Dreams Do Come True. Believe in yourself and through a concerted effort in releasing self-limiting thoughts on your behalf you can live the life you have always dreamed about. Decide what you want to become and live it. Every day is a new opportunity to learn and grow and there is Light in the darkness. Don’t sell yourself short and just go for it.

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