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Holistic Healing of Stress – a Major Component of Illness and Addictions

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By Dr. Andrea Brockman, CEO Lifetime Horizons, LLC and Co-Creator™


Stress is the response or reaction to things out of our control. To overcome these challenges in life, the mind, body, and spirit must be working in unison. The power of thoughts is greater than most people realize. Emotional pain leads many to numbing drugs and alcohol. While changing behavior is a challenge, the willingness to experience some relaxation is not enough. Help from professionals is often needed to restructure negative thoughts and reactions.

Whether talk therapy, energy work, fitness, nutrition, or a connection to your divine spark, a journey back to sobriety with people who care, can replace the bleak world with one of possibilities. This is not to say that this is easy. There may be times of cravings and withdrawal. But a commitment to better physical and emotional health is essential to making progress. When you get it that focusing on where you want to end up rather than the obstacles on your path, the professionals can help guide you to reach and maintain this desired state. Your accomplishment is everyone’s success.

It is important for health consumers to be educated in what is possible and available. Opportunities exist and connections can be made if only that information can be easily found by the public. When I practiced as a biological dentist, referrals to alternative or integrative health practitioners often were requested but were not so easy to find due to practice and advertising restrictions. Fast forward, the Internet changed outreach, perception, and the numbers of people embracing more natural approaches to wellness. 

The Time is Ripe for a Useful Holistic Website

This was an ambitious project to assemble a collection of holistic, complementary, alternative, and integrative health resources that would ignite health and wellness. My husband and I wanted to include skilled and ethical practitioners, businesses, products, services, schools, associations, and events that focus on quality of care, educating, and healing the public.

I value the efforts of non-profit organizations like the LWN Live with Nature Foundation who share this mission and consider them to be a trusted partner. We work toward affecting choice, access to information, and integrative care. We need to stand together, gain strength, thrive, and give back.


Dr. Andrea Brockman, BSN, DDS got her Bachelor’s degree in Nursing and worked as an Intensive Care Nurse. Several years later she graduated from Temple, University School of Dentistry and opened a practice in Philadelphia with her husband, Dr. Vincent DiLorenzo where they treated the dental needs of medically compromised patients. Their practice transitioned to a holistic biological practice where the oral connections to health were considered in dental interventions. They worked closely with other alternative health practitioners in a team approach to healing the body, mind, and spirit. 

Dr. Brockman has authored hundreds of articles, provided lectures and workshops to health professional organizations, and consulted with practitioners in integrating holistic practices. She continues to help patients with education and finding holistic resources in order to live long and vibrant lives; hence this website. 


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